Gone are the days where eating at a popular restaurant or pub meant a bowl of chips or a few lettuce leaves.

With the rapid increase in people going vegan, or opting for more plant based foods, chefs have been adapting their menus to include vegan options, or even incorporating full vegan menus. There are also more and more amazing vegan restaurants opening up that are proving how great vegan food really is.


If you’re in Brisbane, check out our list of vegan hot spots here!

Top tips for eating out

Vegan friendly Cuisines


Go for tomato or coconut based curries, dal, chana masala, onion bhajis, pakoras, vegetable curry puffs, vegetable biryani, roti & paratha. Always check that ghee hasn’t been used.


Edamame, inari, nori rolls, miso soup, seaweed salad, teriyaki tofu, vegetable tempura are often vegan. Always check that mayonnaise, eggs and dashi haven’t been used.

Middle Eastern

Falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, manoosh, freekeh - there are so many vegan options available in middle eastern cuisine. Just ask!


Many authentic italian dishes are plant based by default. Look for caponata, bruschetta, arrabbiata, verdure grigliate and pizza rossa. Just ask & watch out for parmesan!


Vegan pho, rice paper rolls, tofu banh mi, bok choy stir fry, spring rolls, claypots, hot pots - there are plenty of vegan options!


Order a yetsom beyaynetu and be prepared for a feast. Lentil stews, salads, vegetables served on injera bread. Delicious, cheap & filling!

Popular vegan-friendly fast food chains

Lord of the Fries

Located in almost every capital city now, with a huge range of vegetarian & vegan burgers, hot dogs, shakes, nuggets, ice cream & more!


With an ever expanding vegan menu & a vision to transition to more plant based, Grill’d do some really impressive vegan burgers. You can ask for Beyond Beef (plant based meat) in any of their standard burgers.

Dominos Pizza

They have a dedicated vegan pizza menu with vegan cheese & plant based meats. They also have vegan garlic bread & vegan cheesy garlic bread.

Hungry Jack’s

They have a vegan cheeseburger with vegan cheese & mayo and a vegan breakfast muffin. Chips and hashbrowns are also vegan.

Mad Mex

Offer a ‘not chicken’ vegan burrito, carry vegan cheese & corn chips, guacamole & most salsas are all vegan.


Nandos have plant based chicken as well as a veggie pita and veggie wrap, which are all vegan. Their spicy rice, peri-peri chips, sweet potato chips and corn on the cob are also vegan.

7 Eleven

They often have plant based pies, sausage rolls & several vegan sandwiches, as well as vegan magnums, cornettos & drumsticks in the freezer.

San Churro

They have a big range of vegan desserts and drinks available including cookie butter frappe, churros with dark chocolate & a ‘Happy Vegan’ dessert.

Rather cook at home?

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