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Lisa’s Shopping Tips!

By 12 May 2020July 3rd, 2020No Comments
By Lisa Blackburn-Prout

I decided to write this blog post because I remember that when I was newly vegan, I didn’t know anyone else who was vegan and I found grocery shopping a bit confusing and time consuming. I wanted to write something that would have helped me as a new vegan, so I hope you find this post and the shopping list helpful. 

In the 3 and ½ years since I became vegan, it’s so much easier to do grocery shopping now – the range of foods readily available at major supermarkets has increased dramatically. There’s also the Fussy Vegan app which is super helpful for knowing which products are vegan, especially when you’re not used to reading labels or are buying something like bread – where the ingredients may not be clearly listed or may have e-numbers or additives which aren’t easy to understand. 

The good news is – being vegan and shopping vegan is easy, you don’t need overthink it or go to multiple or speciality shops to get the food you like. Many products and brands that you know and love are often “accidentally vegan” or have vegan versions which are just as tasty and delicious but are cruelty-free. 

Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on anything, there are vegan versions of many favourite foods and snacks including cookies, ice cream, pizza, cheese, chips, sauces and meals, so you will definitely not feel hungry or bored. 

My top tips for new vegans! 

  1. Be prepared to be a little more hungry than you were previously and adjust your meals accordingly, it’s okay to fill up on veggies, grains and healthy carbs.
  2. Always have snacks, just in case. I always have a Cliff Bar and some vegan jerky in my bag.
  3. You may find you’re eating more fibre than you are used to – which means you may go to the bathroom more, it’s totally normal, especially if you eat mainly whole foods plant-based (which is the healthiest way to be vegan). 
  4. Veganise your favourite meals e.g. shepherds pie, chilli, curries – can all be made vegan really easily. 
  5. Don’t stress about having to cook or what to cook, especially if you’re new to cooking. Find some easy and quick recipes to enjoy. There are many great recipes on our website, on Pinterest or even google “vegan” in front of your favourite meal. 
  6. Enjoy your food! Vegans love food, cooking, eating and talking about food!